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101 Belonged to the English Church Hemming, Robert Wm. (I9777)
102 Benjamin Avenue and Langlois Avenue were named after Benjamin Langlois. Family F1381
103 Birdie has 2 children Vaughn and Elnora but it is unclear who the father is.
DROUILLARD, Byrdena (Birdie) (I12003)
104 Birth may have been 20 Jan 1875  DROUILLARD, Elizabeth (I2204)
105 Blessing 04 Jun 1949 St. Clement, McGregor Family F1682
106 Body cremated and buried at Victoria Memorial  Holmes, Lyal Cecil (I8718)
107 Body cremated through Buffam in Halibury DROUILLARD, Joseph Francis (or Frederick) GERALD (Jerry) (I3083)
108 Body cremated: 02 Oct 1992  DROUILLARD, Louise Marie (I2750)
109 Body donated to science DROUILLARD, Shirley Ann (I2870)
110 Body found in early Feb 1911 DROUILLARD, Joseph DELPHIS (Adolph) (I1952)
111 Body recovered at the mouth of the Huron River 15 Jul 1909 DROUILLARD, Luc ALEXANDRE (I2010)
112 Body was cremated. DROUILLARD, Joseph Alfred (Fred) (I2814)
113 Book V, P294, County Clerk's Office, Port Huron, Michigan DROUILLARD, Simon Solomon (I1641)
114 Born 07 May 1841 according to his death certificate DROUILLARD (DREWIOR), Noe (Noah) (I1899)
115 Born 22 Mar 1860 according to the 1901 census Dufour, Jean Joseph (John) (I17706)
116 Born About 1874 according to the 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Fairfield, Lenawee, Michigan
DROUILLARD, Ernest W. (I15125)
117 Born Clyde Marvin Stamper in Missouri Brown, Clyde Marvin (I16358)
118 Born: 04 Jul 1841 according to her death certificate Campeau, Felice (Ophelia) (I14633)
119 Born: 04 Mar 1870 according to his death certificate DROUILLARD (DREWYOR), Richard (John) (I15760)
120 Born: 16 Oct 1853 according to his death certificate DROUILLARD (DRUYOR), Bartholomi (Bartlett) (I15420)
121 Born: 23 Dec 1846 according to her death certificate DROUILLARD, Julia Victoria (I1605)
122 Born: 28 Aug 1882 according to his death certificate DREWIOR, Byron Christopher (I15756)
123 Born: At Uncle Wilbert's house in Detroit, after she was born and the midwife left, she was 4 lbs and placed on a pillow and Wilbert was carrying
her around the house on that pillow
Chancey, Rita (I17123)
124 Both born in Canada Family F1359
125 Both had died by the time Paschal married Marie Louise Family F549
126 Both mother and child died during childbirth. Wintermute, Martha (I8210)
127 Both of Anderdon Family F1686
128 Both Ontario Vital Statistics Marriage Registration #006822 AND the St. Joseph Parish Register state that Philomene is the daughter of Denis Drouillard and Rose Dufour.

Family F1528
129 Bride and groom resided at Otter Creek near Monroe. Family F1201
130 Bride and groom resided at River Raisin Family F709
131 Bride and groom resided at River Raisin Family F718
132 Bride and groom resided at St. Antoine, River Raisin Family F693
133 Bride resided at Detroit, the groom at Erie, MI. Family F528
134 Bride resided at Plaisance, near Monroe, the groom resided at Maumee Bay. Family F4350
135 Bride resided on St Jacques Street in Detroit. Family F499
136 Bride resident of Boston, groom resident of Riviere aux Vaches. Family F1240
137 Brother, John Kieliszewski
Brother, Harry Kieliszewski
Sister, Theresa Kobe
Sister, Stella Drzewiecki

Kieliszewski, Gertrude (I12894)
138 Bud had a big fancy inboard wooden speedboat and would take us out for fun when we visited there as a family in the 1960s. Family F6769
139 Burial record stated that she was buried in the cemetery in Sandwich. DROUILLARD, Clara Adelaide (I1823)
140 Burial recorded at Ste. Anne, Detroit. Rocheleau, Julienne (Helen) (I535)
141 Buried from Old Soldiers Home, Grand Rapids, MI Valade, Basil (I5719)
142 Buried from the house in which he was born on Drouillard Point to Ste. Anne, Tecumseh DROUILLARD, Alexandre (I1757)
143 Buried in the center of his garden (per last will) Urquhart (Arcouet, Arquette), James (I1066)
144 Buried under the name Alice DROUILLARD, Alexandrine Elizabeth (I2413)
145 Buried under the name Angelique ROBERT, Archange (I3761)
146 Buried under the name Etienne Drouillard Drouillard, Gabriel (I1058)
147 Buried under the name George DROUILLARD, Joseph Albert (George) (I13911)
148 Buried under the name Louis ST. JEAN, Clovis (I4395)
149 Buried with his mother  HUNEAU, Joseph ALBERT (I4538)
150 BURIED: First in his yard Drouillard (DREWIOR), Louis (I593)

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