The Drouillard Family
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Assumption, South Coast of Detroit



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 URQUHART, Georges  03 Oct 1789Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I3814


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Chapoton, Henri  05 Jun 1790Assumption, south coast of Detroit I1288
2 Desnoyers, Basile  22 Feb 1770Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1175
3 Desnoyers, Francois Xavier  13 Oct 1773Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1177
4 Drouillard, Alexis (Alexander)  05 Oct 1776Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1083
5 Drouillard, Basile (Bazile)  13 Nov 1796Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I101
6 Drouillard, Basilisse  21 Dec 1785Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1101
7 Drouillard, Cecile  21 Oct 1778Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1087
8 Drouillard, Denis (Denys)  30 Jan 1773Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1072
9 Drouillard, Dominique  09 Nov 1764Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1059
10 Drouillard, Dominique  13 Feb 1777Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I246
11 Drouillard, Francois  04 Oct 1768Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1067
12 Drouillard, Gabriel  27 Nov 1763Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1058
13 Drouillard, Genevieve  08 Nov 1766Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1064
14 Drouillard, Henri  04 Jan 1770Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I232
15 Drouillard, Hubert  21 Feb 1809Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I127
16 Drouillard, Jean Baptiste  28 Aug 1773Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I244
17 Drouillard, Jean Baptiste  20 Dec 1781Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1193
18 Drouillard, Jean Baptiste  02 Apr 1792Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1367
19 Drouillard, Jean Baptiste  30 Dec 1794Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I100
20 Drouillard, Joseph  08 Mar 1762Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1056
21 Drouillard, Joseph  16 Feb 1764Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I218
22 Drouillard, Joseph  08 Feb 1790Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1365
23 Drouillard, Josette  24 Oct 1773Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1113
24 Drouillard, Louis  12 Aug 1768Assumption, South Coast of Detroit  I132
25 Drouillard, Louis  04 Oct 1792Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I93
26 Drouillard, Marguerite  02 Jul 1766Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I228
27 Drouillard, Marguerite  07 Apr 1775Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1075
28 Drouillard, Marie ARCHANGE  29 Sep 1788Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1102
29 Drouillard, Marie CATHERINE  26 Dec 1786Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1357
30 Drouillard, Marie GENEVIEVE  17 Jun 1785Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1201
31 Drouillard, Marie Josephe (Josette)  23 May 1771Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I233
32 Drouillard, Marie Louise  02 Jul 1766Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I224
33 Drouillard, Marie Victoire  26 Oct 1798Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I105
34 Drouillard, Pierre (GEORGE)  27 Sep 1775Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1126
35 Drouillard, Pierre (Simon) LAURENT  22 Feb 1780Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I253
36 Drouillard, Simon  27 Feb 1762Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I212
37 Drouillard, Simon  30 Jul 1788Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1364
38 Drouillard, Solomon (Salamon)  18 Dec 1770Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1068
39 Drouillard, Susanne  06 Nov 1783Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1094
40 Drouillard, Thomas  25 Apr 1792Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1109
41 Dubreuil, Francoise  26 Oct 1763Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1184
42 Dubreuil, Joseph  30 Mar 1766Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1185
43 Langlois, Marie Madeleine  17 Jan 1771Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1041
44 Larabelle, Joseph  17 Oct 1793Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I6005
45 Montmeny, Agathe  20 May 1770Assumption, south coast of Detroit I1057
46 Montmeny, Marie Louise  06 Feb 1778Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1050
47 Quesnel dite St Remy, Marie Louise  23 May 1768Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1038
48 Vallee, Joseph Marie  05 Feb 1754Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1158


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Desnoyers, Pierre  26 Aug 1786Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I262
2 Drouillard, Joseph  27 Jan 1783Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I270
3 Drouillard, Marie Catherine  May 1771Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I278
4 Drouillard, Therese  11 Feb 1788Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I1142
5 Rapin, Marie ELISABETH  08 May 1787Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I296
6 URQUHART, Georges  18 Nov 1789Assumption, South Coast of Detroit I3814


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Drouillard / Drouin  06 Nov 1780Assumption, South coast of Detroit F439
2 Drouillard / Dufour  03 Oct 1785Assumption, south coast of Detroit F113
3 Drouillard / Godet (Gaudet) dite Marentette  26 Aug 1799Assumption, South Coast of Detroit F467
4 Drouillard / Godfroy dite St. Georges  23 Sep 1771Assumption, South Coast of Detroit F140
5 Drouillard / La Forest (Laforet)  19 Aug 1782Assumption, South Coast of Detroit F110
6 Drouillard / Meloche  09 Jan 1792Assumption, south coast of Detroit F58
7 Drouillard / Quesnel dite St Remy  19 Oct 1778Assumption, South Coast of Detroit F443
8 Guillet dit Tourangeau / Drouillard  20 Sep 1784Assumption, South Coast of Detroit F119
9 Robert / Drouillard  04 Aug 1777Assumption, South Coast of Detroit F448
10 Rousson / Drouillard  22 Nov 1790Assumption, south coast of Detroit F123
11 Roy / Drouillard  12 Jun 1797Assumption, South Coast of Detroit F470
12 Vaillancourt / Drouillard  09 May 1791Assumption, South Coast of Detroit F484
13 Valade dit Lajeunesse dit Quinchien / Drouillard  25 Nov 1782Assumption, South Coast of Detroit F117
14 Vaudry / Drouillard  13 Feb 1775Assumption, south coast of Detroit F105