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Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Atkin, William Edward  Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I16149
2 Bastien, Florence  17 Jan 1997Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I7052
3 Bilton, Ken  Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I17234
4 Bondy, Clara  11 Jan 1996Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I10012
5 Bondy, Dora  07 Oct 1981Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I12067
6 Dresser, Charles  13 Jan 1990Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I11689
7 DROUILLARD, Earl Joseph  26 May 1994Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I3104
8 DROUILLARD, Eugene Bernard Joseph  09 Nov 1999Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I3041
9 DROUILLARD, Gary Joseph  18 Jan 1997Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I3102
10 DROUILLARD, Gladys Mildred  14 Oct 1997Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I3251
11 DROUILLARD, Janet  11 May 2007Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I3404
12 DROUILLARD, Joseph CLARENCE Francis  13 Oct 1994Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I2936
13 DROUILLARD, Joseph Hector  26 Jan 1998Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I2520
14 DROUILLARD, Louis Alexandre  23 Oct 2008Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I2993
15 DROUILLARD, M. Parmela (Pearl) Theresa  22 May 2002Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I2818
16 DROUILLARD, Margaret Agnes Marie  15 Sep 2004Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I2711
17 DROUILLARD, Marie BERNADETTE Telly  21 Sep 1988Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I2908
18 DROUILLARD, Marie JACQUELINE Albertine  Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I3269
19 DROUILLARD, Norman Arthur  05 Feb 1999Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I3329
20 DROUILLARD, Norman Henri Joseph  01 Jul 1995Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I2804
21 DROUILLARD, Norman Joseph  22 Jan 1998Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I2824
22 DROUILLARD, Ralph Harold  Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I3323
23 DROUILLARD, Ronald James  29 Oct 2008Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I3312
24 DROUILLARD, Urban Jos. (HERBERT J., Pete)  13 Mar 1999Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I2815
25 DROUILLARD, Wilfred (Zeke) Joseph  04 Mar 1997Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I2819
26 Laporte, Cecile  22 Aug 1994Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I14276
27 Laporte, Lionel  30 Jan 1990Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I14282
28 Larsh, Irene  24 Oct 1994Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I8304
29 Lemire, Leo George  08 Feb 1991Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I14308
30 Marion, Simone Amelia  27 Feb 2012Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I8267
31 Monforton, Sister Marie Corinne  21 Mar 1989Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I14341
32 Moore, Laura May  05 Jan 1998Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I8263
33 Ouellette, Marie ISABEL  08 Dec 1995Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I8309
34 Pare, Rose Marie  17 Oct 1984Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I14370
35 Pare, Russell  18 Feb 1988Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I8303
36 Pitre, Bernard  22 Aug 1992Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I12098
37 Radkowska, Anna  06 Apr 1985Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I8107
38 Ranger, Rosalie  08 Apr 1992Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I8651
39 Robert, Beatrice  09 Mar 1994Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I8801
40 Robert, Marie  25 Jan 1978Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I12173
41 Rocheleau, Theresa  21 Mar 1996Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I14130
42 Seguin Dite Laderoute, Eli  31 Aug 1988Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I8458
43 Sinasac, Winnifred  18 Aug 1995Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I6245
44 Soulliere, Marie Eugenie (Virginia)  12 Jul 1999Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I8292
45 Soulliere, Sally Ann  Heavenly Rest, Windsor, Ontario I14584