History of Simon Amable Drouillard

DROUILLARD, Simon Amable, son of Jean Baptiste Drouillard and Elizabeth Rapin was born 1734 and married 1757 Margaret Martin dit St. Jean, born 1739, the daughter of John Martin dit St. Jean (a soldier of Janneville) and Teresa Henault dit Canada.

Simon and Margaret had twelve children. They were faithful members of Assumption Parish. From the account book of Assumption for the years 1775-1781 it states that "Simon Drouillard possesses a pew in the Church of Assumption which he obtained at the auction for the sum of forty francs for one year." Again in 1782 it states that he paid 226 pounds for a pew. Another time he bought 500 spangles from the church that had been placed in the collection.

In 1780 a petition was granted to the inhabitants of Petite Cote for a watermill to be built, owned and operated by Simon Drouillard so they might grind the grain in the seasons most advantageous to the inhabitants. Simon owned and operated this mill until 1791 when he sold it to J. B. Fere. The terms were "1200 pounds of flour per year during the lifetime of Mr. and Mrs. Simon Drouillard. On the death of one, the payment will be reduced to 600 pounds of flour per year." Margaret died in 1803 and Simon died in 1805 so if they were paid they collected 15,600 pounds of flour. Not a bad bargain as flour was selling for 1 livre 13 sous 4 denier. (A sou was an old French copper coin of varying value, equal to about a penny. Twelve deniers equaled one sou and twenty sous equaled one livre. This currency was out in 1797) So if a sou equalled a full penny at that time the total amount came to about $5,183.

Simon married May 14, 1804 his second wife, Mary Meny daughter of Anthony Meny and Jane Seguin dit Laderout. Mary died in 1812.

Taken from "Genealogie des Drouillards" by Hazel M. (Lauzon) Delorme, available at the Société Franco-Ontarienne Library in Belle River, Ontario

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