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Son of ?
MARRIED: to Catherine Drouin?

Children of Antoine Drouillard and Catherine Drouin?
   1) Catherine L. or J.
         BORN: 29 Dec 1856
         BAPTIZED: 13 Jan 1857 Ste. Anne, Detroit
         GODPARENTS: Seraphin Bouch? And Therese ?


Dau of Unknown
REF: Article, 2 Cyclists hurt in crash, Windsor Star, 28 May 1984

BORN: About 1961
RESIDED: Longfellow Ave., Windsor
(May be sister of Patrick Drouillard)

Son of Harry Drouillard and Unknown of Monroe
MARRIED: to Judy Grodi
Judy the daughter of Raymond Grodi

Children of Delbert Drouillard and Judy Grodi
   1) Michael J.
         BORN: 28 Sep 1965 Monroe, MI
         DIED: 30 Jan 1986 Largo, Florida
         BURIED: 05 Feb 1986 From St. Paulís Lutheran Church, Temperance, MI
         CEMETERY: Whiteford Union, Whiteford Township, MI
         RESIDED: Largo, Florida
   2) Alicia
         MARRIED: to Unknown Pawlak
         RESIDED: LaSalle, MI
   3) Julie
         MARRIED: to Unknown Blair
         RESIDED: Tampa, Florida
   4) Jacqueline
         MARRIED: to Unknown Lietzke
         RESIDED: Tecumseh, MI


Dau of

BORN: About 1806
WIDOW of Paul Delipe

MARRIED: Jun 1854 to Joseph Borrio      Ste. Anne, Detroit
                  Born: About 1798
                  Widower of Eustathia Lefranc
Joseph the son of Joseph and Elisabeth Josette Griffard (Francisca)

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Son of ?

MARRIED: to Lucille Besa?

Children of Fabian Drouillard and Lucille Besa?
1) Aloyisium
      BORN: 10 Sep 1856
      BAPTIZED: 11 Sep 1856 Ste. Anne, Detroit
      GODPARENTS: Charles Baudin and Geneveva Mirande?

REF: Obit, Windsor Star, Jul 1970, for George (Hand Written)

Son of ?

BORN: About 1893
DIED: 20 Jul 1970
BURIED: 22 Jul 1970
RESIDED: 3232 Sandwich St. West, Windsor, ON

MARRIED: to unknown

Children of George J. Drouillard and ?
1) Laura
      MARRIED: to Adam Zelinski
      RESIDED: St. Clair Shores, MI

REF: Marriage Announcement, Amherstburg Echo, 20 Jan 1899

Son of ?

MARRIED: 18 Jan 1899 to Clara Richardson
Jesuit Church, Jefferson Ave, Detroit (Ste. Anne)

REF: Obit, Detroit Free Press, 02 Nov 1990, for James R.

Son of Unknown Drouillard and Theresa DíAlessandro
Brother of Roxanne DíAlessandro
Nephew of Joseph Papp and Stella Kasiborski

BURIED: 03 Nov 1990

MARRIED: to Susan Unknown

Children of James Drouillard and Susan Unknown
1) Jill Lozano
2) Late David Brown

DROUILLARD, Jean Baptiste

Son of ?

BORN: About 1828

MARRIED: to Marie Deshetre
            Born: 05 Jan 1829
            Died: 31 Dec 1856

MARRIED: 26 Mar 1860 to Philomene Deshetre      St. Anne, Detroit
            Born: About 1838
Philomene the daughter of Joannis Baptiste Deshetre and Elisabeth Pelgeus?? (Peltier)

Children of Jean Baptiste Drouillard and Marie Deshetre
1) Marie
      BORN: 18 Feb 1851
      BAPTIZED: 18 Feb 1851 Ste. Anne, Detroit
      GODPARENTS: Thomas Payne and Josephine Meloche
2) Elizabeth
      BORN: 11 Apr 1853
      BAPTIZED: 17 Apr 1853 Ste. Anne, Detroit
      GODPARENTS: Baptiste Knapp and Marguerite Larpantinee
3) Georgium
      BORN: 11 Mar 1855
      BAPTIZED: 14 Mar 1855 Ste. Anne, Detroit
      GODPARENTS: ? ? and Emilie Fontaine
4) Joannem Baptistam (Twin)
      BORN: 24 Dec 1856
      BAPTIZED: 25 Dec 1856 Ste. Anne, Detroit
      GODPARENTS: David Fontaine and Adelaide Laporte
5) Mathildium (Twin)
      BORN: 24 Dec 1856
      BAPTIZED: 25 Dec 1856 Ste. Anne, Detroit
      GODPARENTS: Ambrosius Bisoyon and Mathildis Fontaine

Children of Jean Baptiste Drouillard and Philomene Deshetre
1) Augustinum
      BORN: 09 Feb 1860
      BAPTIZED: 12 Feb 1860 Ste. Anne, Detroit
      GODPARENTS: Augustinum Vallaire and Sophie Laporte
2) Jeanne
      BORN: 25 Jul 1861
      BAPTIZED: 25 Aug 1861 Ste. Anne, Detroit
      GODPARENTS: Sophia Drouillard
3) Guillellium
      BORN: 14 Mar 1862
      BAPTIZED: 29 Mar 1862 Ste. Anne, Detroit
      GODPARENTS: Jean Baptiste De Hetre and Clemtia Chartier

DROUILLARD, Jean Baptiste

Son of ?

BURIED: 28 Apr 1809
CEMETERY: Ste. Anne, Detroit

DROUILLARD, Marguerite

Dau of

MARRIED: Sep 1807 to Joseph Vermet      Ste. Anne, Detroit

This marriage was written on a note and insterted in the church registry

DROUILLARD, Nelson/Narcisse

Son of Charles Drouillard and Marie Langlois

BORN: 08 May 1817 Monroe, MI
DIED: 11 Nov 1873
OCCUPATIONS: Deputy Sherrif and Sherrif of Bayfield County
REF: The Ashland Press, 22 Nov 1873

Nelson moved to Portage, MI in 1848
Nelson moved to Bayfield, Wisconsin in about 1854
Nelson moved to the Red Cliff band of Chippewas in 1864
Nelson moved to Bayfield, Winconsin in the fall of 1867

MARRIED: About 1842 to Eliza Shava Born: About 1827 Monroe, MI

Children of Nelson Drouillard and Eliza Shava (Chauvin)
      1) John
            BORN: 22 Mar 1845 Michigan
            DIED: 17 Feb 1928 Cook County Minnesota
            BURIED: 19 Feb 1928
            CEMETERY: Catholic Cemetery at Chippewa City
            MARRIED: to Unknown
            Unknown remarried John Collins

            Children of John Drouillard
                  1) William RESIDED: Cook County Minnesota
                  2) Charles RESIDED: Cook County Minnesota
                  3) Fred RESIDED: Cook County Minnesota
                  4) Francis RESIDED: Hoviland
                  5) Daughter MARRIED: George Zimmerman
                  6) Daughter MARRIED: Charles Pero
                  7) Daughter MARRIED: Pete LaPlante
                  8) Daughter MARRIED: Ben Robertson
                  9) Daughter MARRIED: Art Mobeck

      2) Mary BORN: About 1849
      3) Zoe BORN: About 1850
      4) Ellen BORN: About 1854 Michigan
            MARRIED: to Unknown Smith
            RESIDED: Bayfield at the time of her brother Johnís death
      5) William
            BORN: About 1861 Minnesota
            RESIDED: Ashland at the time of his brother Johnís death
      6) Caroline
            BORN: About 1862 Minnesota
            MARRIED: to Unknown Martin
            RESIDED: Duluth at the time of her brother Johnís death
      7) Eliza
            BORN: About 1863 Minnesota
            MARRIED: to Unknown Carpenter
            RESIDED: Duluth at the time of her brother Johnís death
      8) Clarisa
            BORN: About 1864 Minnesota
            MARRIED: to Unknown Delaney
            RESIDED: Ashland at the time of her brother Johnís death
      9) James
            BORN: About 1866 Minnesota
      10) Henry
            BORN: About 1868 Minnesota
            RESIDED: Bayfield at the time of his brother Johnís death


Son of Unknown
REF: Van Jumps curb, Windsor Star, 21 Jul 1986

BORN: About 1966
RESIDED: Longfellow Ave., Windsor
(May be brother of Cynthia Drouillard above)

REF: Canadian Marriage Registration 007891, for Daughter Elmira

Son of ?

MARRIED: to Angelique Renaud

Children of Peter Drouillard and Angelique Renaud
1) Elmira
      BORN: About 1878 (France?)
      MARRIED: 02 Nov 1903 to William Adams      Windsor, Ontario
                  Born: About 1852 Ohio
      William the son of W.H. Adams and Sarah Buchfield
      Witnesses to the marriage were Amelia Oliver and James Oliver
      Both residing in Cleveland at the time of the marriage.

REF: Canadian Marriage Registration 004265, for Son S. J.

Son of ?

MARRIED: to Maggie Champlaign

Children of Peter Drouillard and Maggie Champlaign
1) S. J.
      BORN: About 1890 Detroit
      MARRIED: 05 Jun 1915 to Beatrice Peart      Windsor, Ontario
               Born: About 1897 Clay Center, MI
      Beatrice the daughter of Charles Peart and Clara Obermyer
      Witnesses to the marriage were M.J. Bourchier and Marjory Tolmie


Son of Unknown

MARRIED: to Margaret Woollatt

Siblings of Margaret Woolatt

Mabel Helen
Born: About 1906
Died: 11 Jun 1991
Ref: Obituary
Married: to Francis John (Frank) Cheshire

Born: About
Died: 01 Jun 1993
Ref: Obituary
Married: to Alfred R. Beggs

Married: to Unknown Miller

Married: to Unknown Bondy

Wilhelmina (Billy)
Married: to Carl Keen

REF: Obit, Windsor Star, 04 Feb 1986 for Margaret nee Labelle

Son of ?

MARRIED: to Margaret Labelle
         Born: About 1895
         Died: 02 Feb 1986 Grace hospital
         Buried: 06 Feb 1986
         Cemetery: Victoria Memorial, Windsor

Canadian Marriage Registration #021614

Alfred Link, 33, son of George Link and Eva Lusarge
Elizabeth May Drouillard (Widow), 29, dau of William Howard and Anabel McDonald
Wit: W.C. Mogg and Bertha Jane Mogg of Rossport ON
Married Presbyterian in Schreiber, Ontario


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