St. Clement's Church, McGregor Ontario
St Clement, McGregor, Ontario
St. Clement, McGregor, Ontario

Work on the first church at McGregor started on the 3rd of November 1879 under the charge of Patrick Nevin, Amherstburg. Holy Mass was offered on February 22, 1880 for the first time. The church was blessed on June 6, 1880 and given the name of St. Clement.

Dean Wagner of Windsor officiated at the blessing, delegated by Bishop Walsh who was unable to attend because of illness. He was assisted by Fr. Marseille, Riviere-aux-Canard, Fr. J. Ouellette, Maidstone, Fr. Ferguson and Fr. Aboulin of Assumption College and Fr. Grant of Amherstburg. The church cost $2,512.59. Father Grand was the Pastor-Supervisor at the time.

“On December 22, 1903 was solemnly blessed St. Clement Church by His Grace Bishop F. P. McEvoy of London accompanied by Fr. Bechard, Belle River; Fr. Boubat, Ridgetown; Frs. Barolet and Fortier, Redemptorists of Montreal; Fr. St. Cyr, Stoney Point; Fr. Herman BFM Chatham; Frs. Chaloudard and Guinone, Basilians Sandwich; Frs. Renaud and McNulty, Amherstburg; Fr. Langlois, Tilbury; Fr. Beaudoin, Walkerville; Fr. Mugan, Raleigh; Fr. McGee, Maidstone; Frs. Lefebvre, Cote, Lamontagne, Frecenon of Detroit; Fr. Martin, Staples; Fr. Marseille, River Canard and the undersigned Pastor C. A. Parent”

Foundations were laid in July — laying of cornerstone in July bearing the names of the Bishop and Pastor and contains pictures of the Pope, Bishop, Pastor and his predecessors, various medals and monies, silver and paper, of the era, copy of the newspaper and list of the parishioners and other items of historical interest. All these are contained in a sealed metal box.

The present church was built in 1903 by Rev. Father Parent when it was found the original church was too small to accommodate the increasing congregations. The presbytery was built in 1911 by Rev. Father Pinsonneault.

Quoted from “La Paroisse St. Clement’s Parish, 1880-1890