Sacred Heart Church, LaSalle Ontario
Sacred Heart, LaSalle, Ontario
Sacred Heart, LaSalle, Ontario

Assumption Church, Sandwich, was the Parish of the people of Petite Cote (LaSalle) until 1921. At that time the people of Petite Cote submitted a petition to his Excellency Bishop M.F. Fallon pleading for a Parish of their own. A committee was appointed by his Excellency to inspect the land and on June 29th, 1921, the committee found the site to be suitable for a new church.

“...Soon after the reception of this letter, the Bishop appointed Magloire Baillargeon, the first Pastor of Sacred Heart Church, Petite Cote (LaSalle).

In July of that same year, amidst the greatest rejoicing and enthusiasm of the people of Petite Cote, Father Baillargeon offered Holy Mass for the first time in Petite Cote in the old school house. Albemy Cote played the Organ. Paul Monforton and Ernest Lajeunesse served the first Mass. This is the same Father Lajeunesse who wrote “The Windsor Border Region”. A temporary wooden Chapel was erected on the Park grounds of the present Church, as the facilities of the old school were inadequate, while plans for a new Church and Rectory were being prepared. The plans for the present Church were drawn by the Architect, John R. Boyde of Windsor.”

The contract was awarded to Ben Blonde of Chatham. The Church was to be erected for $84,000.00 and the Rectory for $12,000.00".

Quoted from the Sacred Hearch Parish yearbook

“...The church was dedicated to the Divine Service on June 30, 1923 and to quote Rt. Rev. W. J. Langlois, Dean of Essex: “It is the strongest built Church in the Diocese of London.”

Since 1956, elaborate repairs have been done at the rectory; including better office facilities, renovation of the kitchen, and a living room built for the priests. In recent years, Sacred Heart Church has undergone more renovations, including adding wheelchair access, and a community room. It truly is a magnificent building of worship.”

Quoted from the “Sacred Heart Parish Website