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Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adam, Armand (Herman)  1967Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor I7653
2 Campeau, William  05 Dec 1988Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor  I7163
3 Carr, Kathleen (Kay)  16 May 1983Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor I12969
4 DROUILLARD, Arnold Joseph  02 Aug 1990Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor  I2507
5 DROUILLARD, Catherine (Kathleen) Lucy  01 Mar 1977Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor I2274
6 DROUILLARD, Christophe Alexandre  01 Mar 1952Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor I2165
7 DROUILLARD, David J.  27 Apr 1986Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor I19413
8 DROUILLARD, Henri Frederick  07 Jun 1963Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor I2126
9 DROUILLARD, Henry (Harry)  27 Aug 1958Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor I12383
10 Drouillard, Joseph CARL (Twin)  26 Jun 1978Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor I12404
11 DROUILLARD, Lawrence Theopile  15 Nov 1986Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor I2655
12 DROUILLARD, Marie Delima (Delia)  10 Dec 1991Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor I2458
13 DROUILLARD, Mary Irene Cecelia  10 Dec 1983Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor I2760
14 FREKER, Rita  21 Jan 1988Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor  I4889
15 Gagnon (Gangnon), Lillian Marie  19 May 1990Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor  I8134
16 Maisonville, George  10 Feb 1970Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor I8143
17 Papp, Zigmond (Ziggy)  11 Aug 1992Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor I9461
18 Richards, Maurice (Morris) P.  09 May 1984Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor  I8077
19 St. Antoine, Loretta  05 Oct 1991Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor  I7275
20 Tiede, Warner Walter  06 Oct 1980Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor  I8102
21 Verboncoeur, Virginia  29 Dec 1990Metropolitan Hospital, Windsor I7051